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So many dreams… So many visions…


I thoroughly enjoy creating. I can express myself and Waze I couldn’t in traditional means and I love to expand and explore with my mind can come up with. Creating is an amazing vector to regurgitate all of the unorthodox, mysterious, perplexing ideas that would be my mind.


That was a lot of “over the top” words lol.


I am a creator.

I aspire to be a full-time creator. And I cannot do what I do by myself. That’s where you come in.

Those who are successful in life in this realm got there from their supporters and patrons. I appreciate the hell out of mine and I make sure I reciprocate that love with custom creative words dedicated to them. Below is a playlist feed of the creative perks that I give my patrons for their continued support. You could be added into the feed and get spoiled with even more that I’m offering.