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I just meditated very deeply for the first time in a long time… And I feel very light on my feet. There were a couple of things that happened a few moments ago that really had me in a whirlwind of anxiety. There’s so much chaos in the world including a potential World War III, the devastation that’s happening to Australia, and everything else… My mind just couldn’t wrap around how to go about it. I’d hate to go through my life as if it’s normal knowing that all of this stuff is happening. How everything can change in One instance. But this meditation session for 15 minutes definitely calmed my nerves and I felt detached from my body for the first time in a good way. I definitely need to meditate a whole lot more to feel at ease. I got myself an eye mask finally and it definitely helped. I’m going to interpret meditation while I sleep as well to keep it going. It’s about breaking bad habits and replacing the void with good ones. 2020 is going to be such a transformative year. I’m really glad that I’m blogging this as well to get my thoughts out there in case anyone else needed some insight on meditation. I’m such a novice to it, but I’m completely open to it. Meditation is so key for success and I am ready for it.

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