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Another Random Wave

So I recently came back from a trip from Atlanta which was amazing, but now that I’m back in reality I feel pretty bummed out. Everything is gloomy especially since the sun doesn’t come out as much. Really trying to get out of the slump, but this is pretty much came out of nowhere and I’m just trying to manage. I realize that I focus on building the social media aspect of my brand way too often and too much. I need to pull back and start advertising on the content. I need to make more music… I was having moments in the shower where I imagine myself connecting with people as I was on stage performing songs or whatever. it felt really special… Especially since they were really sad songs but emotionally packed. I need to either start making small little clips or something because all of these thoughts can’t just go to waste like they have been over the last several years.

This random wave of sadness really sucks because a few days ago I was so high… Only to have it fade away pretty quickly. Why can’t I just hold onto that feeling forever? I know it depreciates overtime but damn that was really quick. Why can I just move close to my best friend? Why can I just live with my girlfriend already? Why can’t these memories last much longer like I envisioned?… It all just sucks at the moment.

But I have to keep my head up and remain positive. To manifest his visions until they actually become a reality for sure.

Thanks for reading this guys.

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