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B̸̡̻̗̜̦̺͌A̸͉̟̜̬̋̾̾̀̕ͅͅC̵̡͇̹̦͑̀̇̇̎̕K̶͇͆̈͂͋ ̶̹̻̞͈͈͎̞̐̈́T̵̛͇͋O̷̺͈̻̤͗ͅ ̷͈́͋Y̶̡̘̗͔̖̜̜̎O̸̗̖̒̇̃̌͑̕U̷̡̓̊̔̇̚͠͝

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you need to start being yourself. As cliché as that sounds (and you know how I hate clichés), it is absolutely true! You have to be yourself FOR YOURSELF!

The reason why I’m saying this because I feel like a lot of people are not becoming themselves, or rather losing themselves during this pandemic. I have definitely been challenged with identity fatigue or questioning who I am as of late. Everything seems so blurred out and I don’t know where I’m going, what to do, who I am, etc. etc. etc.

Things are just not the same anymore and it’s a crippling feeling. But just in case anyone else needed to hear it from someone else that is going through it, don’t forget to remind yourself of WHO THE FUCK YOU ARE! You are a glorious juggernaut of a human being/spirit that has SO much more to life ahead of them. You are a fucking rockstar that is SURVIVING this pandemic. No one said that you had to have everything figured out right now, but just for the fact that you are SURVIVING and reading this blog (which I’m highly grateful for) you are amazing!

Do things that make you happy. Be with people that make you happy, and I know that’s weird to read given that we’re in a pandemic, but if you have people that you can be safe around, spend time with them. I’ve quickly realized that I am not a social giant as I once was due to this pandemic now. I’m SOOOOOO socially awkward it’s baffling me and I hate it with a strong burning passion of 1000 suns. It’s something I am aiming to correct, but I have to remind myself that I can get back to where I once was when I do things that make me feel… me. I’m not so worried about becoming a “content creator“, a blogger or anything of the sort. I’m just trying to do things that make me smile, and sometimes it works! It grounds me. A lot of people need to be grounded (go to your fucking room! LMAO). A lot of people are floating around in space and time because we don’t know what to expect, what to do, or anything. We desperately want “normalcy” back and have these high expectations of 2021...but we have to be real with ourselves. Things are NOT going to change overnight. Just because a new year is approaching crazy fast, does not mean that the pandemic is just going to be lifted and we’re going to go back to our normal lives. This is definitely going to trace through 2021 and we have to do something about our lives at this very moment to make it breathable in 2021. No more waiting, no more hesitation; We’re just making moves as we go and do anything that we love along the way to keep our heads above water.

But in order to do that, it is very, very, VERY important that we remain WHO WE ARE. Remind yourself WHO YOU ARE today, and if you don’t know… get to know them. They could be an amazing person and you don’t even know.!! Pick up some hobbies that you’ve done in the past and reinvigorate them today. Or develop new hobbies!!! And I’m not saying have a whole backpack of hobbies tonight, but start on something right now. It could be drawing, a puzzle, a blog, website, video games, whatever it may be, do it because it makes you happy. Don’t have affiliations or associations to other things with them. Let them be pure and let them make you smile inside and out!!!

Thank you for reading this blog and I hope you’re doing OK because I miss you and I love you!

Until next time.

P.S - check out the Patreon if you haven’t ;)

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