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Rough week...

My mental health has not been good over the past week… It feels like I plunged and I’m trying to figure out what’s going on. I think it’s due to the amount of alone time I have. And no… Not like that LMFAO. This is very serious so please treat it as such. For the last week it seems I’ve pretty much plunged back into depression. I’ve been sleeping a whole lot and have almost 0 motivation to do anything. That’s not a good sign considering I just had an amazing trip to ATL. I’m treating this as a reminder that I can still be very vulnerable to this regardless of how much stronger I become in life. It sucks in a way, but it also shows that I still have a lot of growing to do. This really sucks… But I have no choice but to keep moving forward and try to turn this around as much as I can. I hope this serves as a reminder that this is an ongoing battle for the rest of your life. Yes it sucks… But this one not to tear me away from the goals, visions, and dreams that I want to accomplish.

Abandonment/feeling neglected is the primary cause of my depression. Even when I’m in a very healthy and amazing relationship, my bad cycle of this 9-to-5 and coming straight home to basic solitude is a horrible one. Yes I do have friends, but we’re all at an age where we have either established our careers, or were trying to get there. We’re basically adults… More like super adults and we really don’t have as much time as we would like to spend with each other due to “Adulting”. It’s fucking trash, and I highly recommend not doing it if you have the chance to turn it around🤣. But I really do miss my friends, but I also understand that we have jobs to go to, rent to pay, families to see, and everything in between. It’s very difficult… I really cherish my childhood or what I could remember of it. I’m being dead serious with that one… But nonetheless, like I said earlier, we have to keep moving forward. To break this cycle before it gets worse. It may happen again in the future, but I’m not worried about that. I have to emphasize of “living in the moment” more for myself. To get up and just go... I may not know where exactly I’m going, but moving is definitely better than that.

We have to keep moving…

No Matter How Much It Hurts, Move Forward.

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