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So, the inspiration of the song “Subtle.” is primarily from me voicing my opinion unfiltered, uncensored, without any restrictions. I feel like I have held back in various degrees as far as expressing myself. I don’t like that…I was basically watering myself down for the sake of safety and not ruffling any feathers with people. I feel music should be fully expressed to the artists’ content and should NOT have to be watered down for any reason. Art is art. Art is beautiful, harsh, chaotic, exotic, EVERYTHING! It comes in various forms and entities and it is customary to the artist.

With "Subtle.", I wanted to voice my frustrations with becoming bitter from lack of exposure or feedback when it comes to content creating. It’s not so much just music, because it’s also from the videos and various projects I’ve produced over the last decade! I feel as if I bring out exemplary product that don’t get the recognition they deserve. A lot of this comes from comparing myself to other content creators, musicians, etc., but I’m voicing all of my frustrations in "Subtle.". I’m declaring that I’m no longer taking a backseat for the sake of not walking on egg shells pissing people off. The song is very short, but it does give some heat and depth, which I’m extremely proud of.

I feel that the music industry has drastically changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic to which streaming platforms are now the go-to source for musical entertainment. I’ve actually thought about this concept WAY before COVID-19 is what it is today, and I need to be a part of it full-time. My bitterness comes from making various projects/mixtapes that really illustrated my phases in life, but not receiving any sort of feedback from even my close observers and “supporters“ left sour thoughts in my head. I felt the need to voice my emotions in “Subtle.” to give some insight as to how I’ve been dealing for the last several years. I do not strive to become as bitter as I was before, but I have to be honest that the bitterness will still be there because it’s been with me for so long. But I’m using this emotion and bitterness to my advantage in producing raw, unfiltered art.

I’m loving the sound that I am producing and I strive to do a lot more with it.

If you haven’t heard “Subtle.”, you could find it on ALL music streaming platforms or you could just click the link HERE!

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