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Well… Here we are! 2020!

Extremely grateful to have made it this far in life and to have the support that I’ve had over the years. I know things have kind of been low-key as of late as life is literally throwing the most random things my way, but we are finessing it! I really have amazing high hopes and vibes and energy for 2020. We are going to make better moves! Break bad habits! Create good habits! And whatever we can do in between! This might be a difficult task, but it’s supposed to be! High risk, high reward. Let’s make this the best year yet and let’s manifest our dreams.

I want to blog a lot more to serve as a journaling vector and therapy. I feel like writing down, or in this case typing out words, is great for my mental health. We really have to take care of my mind going forward because it is the key to us excelling and propelling where I want to go. I have a strong vision and I need to see it through. Hence why 2020 is such an important year. It’s the year that we see things crystal clear. The energy surrounding 2020 is already immense and we must capitalize on it. I’m really proud of the 2019 Compilation video because it was really entertaining and I can definitely see how I’ve evolved in my editing skills. I’m already excited for the 2020 compilation video coming out later this year! It is going to be one of my strong missions to have content to put into that video to where it’s even better than before.

We’re also going to emphasize on goal-setting. One goal that I want to really try to achieve is to make a music video each month this year. That’s right, 12 music videos in 2020. I really want to get back into the swing of music recording, music making, and music video production. I’m really slacking on my music videos since yes, I can record the songs, but I need a face to the name for people to see. So that’s a major goal that I want to accomplish! Once again, thank you guys so much for your continued support over the years and let’s really excel this year! Really extreme big moves are going to be made, and we must prepare for them, and act on them.

Love you all.


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