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Wow… What a bounce back

So I went to work today and everything was positive for the first half, but then the second half was definitely a struggle out of nowhere. I felt kind of sour, but then I realize something after I left. I came home and I forgot my grateful heart charm at home. I don’t know about you guys, but after watching the secret, I started caring around this very small resin hard that my girlfriend got me. I gave it a purpose to which every time I touch it either when I reach my pocket or if it’s somewhere else and I happen to touch it, I have to say something that I’m grateful for. And let me tell you… Doing that helps immensely! It doesn’t matter how grumpy, upset, angry, depressed, whatever! Reminding myself of the things and moments that I’m grateful for really does help! That’s probably why I had a crappy second half at work! 🤷🏾‍♂️ But anyways! Right when I came home, I meditated for 15 minutes. This is my second time in a row doing this and this is another thing that is greatly beneficial for my life. After I meditated/went to sleep because I was exhausted 🤣 I proceeded to do my work out and I was extremely amped up! Like I felt so refreshed and refocused on what I want to accomplish in my life. I have to do this every day that I can! Because this is going to propel me forward to my dreams and visions being manifested!

I know meditation or doing it consistently is a struggle for a lot of people including myself, but at least I’m trying! And trying is better than not. But I feel so good and ready to take on life‘s challenges in order for me to manifest what I want in my life! What a complete turnaround from last week where it was very dark and gloomy due to world events and such...It’s all about inner peace, inner workings, and self-care

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