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Wrapping it up

This year has been an up and down one for sure. A lot of people are saying the same thing. Definitely an eye opener. As we go until the new year once again, we have to reflect. A lot of firsts happened this year. First Road Trip alone with my best friend, first major fight, moved out, first time out of the country, etc. I still haven’t started the 2018 Compilation Video yet, so I’m missing some crucial moments, but once I start, I’ll remember some awesome moments. Some major things need to change. A big one, is my appearance. 

So far, I’ve been aiming to change my appearance to match my mindset/mindframe. I’m focusing more on my core. I need a better one. A good inspiration from left field is this entertainer named Jen Bretty on Twitter. Her transformation is INSANE! She looks SO good and more importantly, healthy and happier. She had an eating disorder, but worked hard to be where she is. Plus she’s a Youtuber who’s actually funny and down to earth. Gotta see more of her videos to see. But that’s a big motivator for me. To stunt on ‘em, but love yourself before that. Love your body, and take care of yourself. Tumblr kinda helps with that, but in minimal amounts. But that’s another story. I’m taking better care of myself as well. Limiting/Cutting some bad habits to have more energy and a better mind.

I’m looking to establish a new fresh look for myself. A big step want to take is getting my ears pierced. I know right? Never thought I would get my ears pierced because I thought the pain would be too great for me to handle. But c’mon! I’ve been through a whole bunch of pain and suffering on all spectrums, that a simple ear piercing wouldn’t come close to pain lol. Plus I NEED more ink anyways so…ears would be cake. But yea, I want to see myself with gauges. Nothing too big in the end, just something different on me and I think it would be cool :)  Also, I need this striped shirt, that would make it awesome too. I need a new wardrobe to change myself as well. Better fitting clothes, and a different style. A fusion of urban and punk/grundge. I have to trademark a look or have a signature look since I stumbled across a doubleganger recently…hopefully 2019 will be amazing for me for it to happen.

We. Need. More. New. Music. Happening 100%...I don’t know how many times I’ve said it (too many), but I need to do this. This is the perfect time to establish my sound, adapt it, evolve it, and make a mark in the world with it. It’s the time of FlowRock. Gotta be a pioneer in it. A future collab with Islander SHOULD happen! I need to utilize the sources I have more like Soundtrap, make beats as often as I can, so that I wouldn’t have to buy beats, wait for approvals, rights, yada yada yada…things must be more organic.

Gaming is good, but need better equipment. Otherwise it’s a bust. You know how this generation operates.

The skits are getting better, and people are laughing more. Just need the content to spread to the right places.

Growth has happened in 2018, and we need to keep it going. Gotta proactively adapt and evolve to new levels and appreciate the good and bad. I have a calling, a vision, a need. And we will achieve them.

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